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Our Free Write: An Outlet of TRUTH — the Left’s #1 Fear

Spreading the Conservative message through current events, analyses, editorials, and more.

Who We Are

As Conservative members of Gen Z, a generation that’s expected to be the most Conservative in decades, we feel like we have a certain responsibility to spread the Conservative message in the most truthful and thought-provoking manner possible. So, in December of 2017, we set out to do just that.

Despite the numbers being in our favor, it’s hard to be a Gen Z conservative. The Left systematically converts children into their own troops – a pawn to serve a purpose lasting no longer than an election cycle. But, with your help, we can stop them.


Notable Projects We’ve Done

Since then, we’ve published our analysis on the gun debate post-Parkland shooting, the conflicts in the Middle East, and have collaborated with UC Berkeley College Republicans, where we did an extensive interview on how Conservative life goes on, under threat, on the UC Berkeley campus. And many more projects to further Conservative journalism.

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