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The most ambitious crossover of the day – Crowder and Jones take on Google in front of their Austin office…. Here are the highlights.

…Or, at least, that’s what Steven Crowder, a Conservative comedian/podcaster, was doing for his famous Change My Mind series, before Alex Jones, one of the most famous names in Conservative controversy, stepped in. Crowder’s topic: “Hate Speech Isn’t Real, Change My Mind.”

InfoWars reporter Owen Shroyer livestreams the event on Twitter, asking Crowder, and then the crowd around for their opinions on various topics.

Crowder decides to take a break and let his “Half-Asian lawyer Bill Richmond” step in. Crowder typically films with Richmond when discussing legal matters, most famously, their clash with YouTube regarding their show, “Louder with Crowder,” hosted on his channel, which, as of June 11, 2019, boasts over 844M views.

As Richmond is interviewing, and Shroyer is off livestreaming his own, a roar of cheers is heard from the crowd as the man, the myth, the legend himself Alex Jones, walks onto the scene.

Could it get any more controversial? Google and Twitter are nervous wrecks. Too much free, intellectual conversation!

Shroyer starts off,

Wait, what’s going on here? What is this? Oh my goodness, it’s Alex Jones! This is gonna get me banned…. This is it for my Twitter account…. This does it for me.

Jones announces,

Here I am, ladies and gentlemen…. You know, I like Steven Crowder…. I thought I’d come down here and challenge Steven Crowder to a bear-knuckles boxing match right here!

He’s a bad son of a b****! I wanna silence a racist! I joined SJWs! I joined Obama! And I wanna silence conservatives! And I’m here to take on Steven Crowder right now and shut down his speech!

Steven Crowder heard I was coming, and he ran away! Steven Crowder is a right-wing extremist that needs to be silenced! I have joined Obama and Hillary! And I want him silenced! I am here to silence this racist!

Then it takes on a whole new turn:

Jones: I have joined Obama, I have joined Facebook, I have joined Silicon Valley, I am a woman now.

Shroyer: This is breaking news, Alex Jones has just come out as a woman, and he’s joined Google here to destroy Steven Crowder.

Jones: I am transgender, sir.

Shroyer: I want to disavow Alex Jones right now, but now that you’re a woman, that might be sexist…. Alexandria Jones, you’ve now become a –

Jones: Alexandria Cortez Jones…. I now am a servant of Hillary. I now am a weapon of Obama.

Crowder then comes back to the bizarre situation.

Shroyer: Uh oh, oh my God, oh no.

Jones: I know you’re a racist, and I’ve decided to join Obama!

Crowder: I don’t know what’s happening.

Jones: Listen, racist! I’m here to challenge you, Hitler! I came down here to let you know your racism isn’t gonna stand and you’re gonna be banned from the Internet…. That just happened, I have decided that you’re a bad person. I am now a transgender woman! And I have decided to take you on.

Crowder: I –

Jones: Oh, you’re gonna question a woman?!

Crowder then asks that they step aside so Richmond can finish the interview:

Jones: Your systemic elitism…your white privilege doesn’t stand here, buddy!

Crowder: Can you ask half-Asian Bill?

Richmond: Hello, Mr. Jones. Mrs. Jones. I don’t know what’s the appropriate way, I want to respect you.

Jones: Now that’s more reasonable. Now you’re respecting my gender.

Strong, independent woman Alexandria Cortez Jones then steps off to say,

Steven Crowder raped me! I don’t have the proof, but he did it! You can’t be a Supreme Court nom – He raped me. I have, uh – Rapist…. Finish your interview. He’s a rapist, but – I as a woman will not stay silent, rapist! Steven, I’m watching you.

Shroyer then steps away,

So here’s the thing. I have a pretty strong intuition this is probably my last Twitter broadcast that’ll ever be on my Twitter, so I just wanna say, I disavow Alex Jones, Twitter, please don’t remove my account. Peace and love, and tolerance, and sustainability, and green, and everything that’s good, diversity, yes, unification, all of that stuff that’s what we’re really for, please don’t ban me, Twitter –

Jones: I love how I’m a woman and you’re not even covering me right now, get back over here. Ok, I’m a woman…I’m a woman. I’m a woman…. Steven Crowder, he raped me, and believe me, I’m a woman…. You’re gonna pay, rapist…. Oh yeah, this dog’s a rapist too.

Dog owner: She’s a girl.

Jones: Doesn’t matter. Raped me.

After that, Richmond’s interview was done, and the two meet up again:

Jones: You want to go against a woman like me?

Crowder: I don’t, I think you’re bold and beautiful. Bold and brave and beautiful as a woman.

After some civil conversation between the two on free speech, the livestream ended with Shroyer’s disclaimer:

We disavow any form of Alex Jones, whether that’s Alexandria Cortez Jones, or Alex Jones as a dog, we disavow all of Alex Jones. Please don’t ban me, Twitter, just because Alex Jones hijacked my Twitter…Alex Jones very bad!

You can watch the full Periscope livestream here.

Then came the Twitter reactions:

This, referring to the situation with Vox’s Carlos Maza vs. Crowder.

Despite the numbers being in our favor, it’s hard to be a Gen Z conservative. The Left systematically converts children into their own troops – a pawn to serve a purpose lasting no longer than an election cycle. But, with your help, we can stop them.


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