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Acid attacks. Mass rape across the streets at night. The Islamification of Europe. The citizens have had enough.

Right-wing prominence in Europe is gaining speed as Britain’s Nigel Farage (Brexit Party), France’s Marine Le Pen (National Rally), and Italy’s Matteo Salvini (League Party) take hold of E.U. elections.

The rundown: BRITAIN

According to data from YouGov, only one in five of those who voted for the Conservative Party at the last national election in 2017 planned to vote for the party, with 62% instead planning to back the Brexit Party. Similarly, the Labour Party is losing voters to parties supporting the efforts to remain in the E.U. It’s lost a third of its support in the last three months.

The collapse of the establishment in Britain has been so complete that it threatens to upset the Conservative-Labour dichotomy for the first time in a century.

– John Jiang, American Spectator

The Brexit Party tops:

1. Brexit Party – 31.5%
2. Liberal Democrats – 20.5%
3. Labour Party – 14.1%
4. Green Party – 12.1%
5. Conservative Party – 9.1%

Farage noting that Britain should leave when the next Brexit deadline expires, after he was re-elected to the European Parliament,

If we don’t leave on October 31, then the scores you’ve seen for the Brexit Party today will be repeated in a general election, and we are getting ready for it.

Britain’s next general election is scheduled for May 2022.

The rundown: FRANCE

Marine Le Pen and her Rassemblement National topped the French E.U. polls, securing 23.6% of the vote, a little over one percent ahead of Macron’s La Republique En Marche list on 22.4%.

Just yesterday, Le Pen announced the formation of a new right-wing coalition in the European Parliament. She launched the Identity and Democracy (ID) group, consisting of various Eurosceptic and nationalist parties from across Europe. It will hold 73 seats, and replace the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group. Le Pen launched it with MEP Marco Zanni, who was elected chairman. Zanni is a member of Italy’s League Party, chaired by Matteo Salvini, who will be a member of the group.

The ID group didn’t secure Farage’s Brexit Party, but according to Farage, they’ll “keep their options open,” as they seek to move forward with their Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) Eurosceptic group. Farage is reportedly also in talks with Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S), the Brexit Party’s current ally in the European parliament. “We haven’t ruled anybody out,” said a spokesman.

However, Farage has previously ruled out working with Le Pen because he did not want his former party, UK Independence Party (UKIP), associated with hers.

Jussi Halla-aho of the Finns Party, previously allied with the British Conservative Party, said the Eurosceptic Right had long been weakened by their failure to unite.

Zanni’s response at a launch press conference, saying it was important for all parties with a “radically different view of Europe” to join forces,

We were unable to create a united group for a number of reasons with the Brexit Party. It’s not a defeat, it’s a very open relationship, we are open to them if they want to cooperate.

The rundown: ITALY

Early results on Monday morning gave the League a 34.33% win, surpassing expectations, and securing its position as Italy’s largest party. The Democratic Party led after with about 22%, followed by the Five Star Movement, what used to be Italy’s leading party, capturing 17.7%, now in third.

Salvini, during his victory speech:

It’s not just Italy, it’s Le Pen in France, Farage in the U.K., it’s Hungary, Poland…. It is the sign of a Europe that is changing…. I am counting on having allies everywhere to save the EU…to change its rules…. We finally have to change after decades of bureaucrats and bankers’ rules.

A senior party official said,

Salvini is under a lot of pressure by many of us to pull the plug on this dysfunctional alliance with the 5Stars. But he hasn’t made up his mind yet because he doesn’t want to risk hurting his potential in a general election by letting go too soon.

When listing his domestic priorities during an impromptu address to reporters at the party’s headquarters, they were all measures the Five Star Movement strongly opposes:

I don’t want a Cabinet reshuffle, I just want to pass regional autonomy, infrastructure, tax cuts and security.

The Five Star Movement has insisted the European election results should not impact the future of the government. No leader appeared in public to comment on the results the night of the election.

Mattia Diletti, a politics professor at Rome’s Sapienza University, said Italy had delivered the “most Trumpian” result in Europe:

I knew the League would win, but not by this much, we are now a province of Trumpism. Italians were asking for strong feelings and emotion, to feel pride again, and like Trump, that’s what Salvini gave.


We are here to be a thorn in the flesh of the establishment.

– Jörg Meuthen, Alternative für Deutschland, another ID member

These are just E.U. elections, and the national ones for each country have yet to come. But these are certain to be a sign of changing winds across Europe.

Despite the numbers being in our favor, it’s hard to be a Gen Z conservative. The Left systematically converts children into their own troops – a pawn to serve a purpose lasting no longer than an election cycle. But, with your help, we can stop them.


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