Thursday, September 19

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Our Free Write was informed of possible unauthorized access of our services that we use to host various media files and will eventually use for future Our Free Write projects. We have confirmed this was a real threat. Thankfully, it has been dealt with. The damage includes over six thousand dollars’ worth of service usage that we will try our best to clear up with our service providers. After careful observation at various invoices from different services across the platform, we’ve noted the following:

  • The longest service used, at 28.201 hours, originated from Sydney, NSW, Australia. From this, we cannot conclude that the attack originated from the aforementioned location, nor the time when access was first achieved, but it does let us know how long the services were used for.
  • The second longest service usage originated from Central Canada, at 28.113 hours, as well as the third longest service usage from the same region, at 28.076 hours.
  • The fourth longest service usage originated from North Virginia, at 28.039 hours, as well as the fifth longest service usage from the same region, at 28.033 hours.
  • These are all relative to approximately 10:00PM PDT, on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

From this, we cannot ourselves insinuate a pattern; we’ll leave that to our service providers and give them any corresponding information and/or corroborating evidence they might need. We’ve regained full access to the account, and we’ll take better steps next time to further secure it.


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Edward Shturman

Editor-in-Chief at Our Free Write, Edward continues to develop new and thought-provoking political commentary. A high school fellow at Stanford University, with a Best Research award in Model United Nations, and a passion for humor and truth in politics, you can trust his authentic journalism right here at Our Free Write.

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