Thursday, September 19

This week has been absolutely crazy for us.

TUESDAY: A friend of the VP of Berkeley College Republicans gives a speech at a Model United Nations workshop. I, of course, ask for more info on that.

WEDNESDAY: Back-and-forth emails begin with friend of College Republicans VP, contacts are exchanged.

THURSDAY: We reach out to VP of Berkeley College Republicans, introducing a school empathy project. The project is based on empathizing with a certain focus group and document their experiences, so naturally, my friends and I came up with Conservatives in California. And then we thought, “What better group for this than the Berkeley College Republicans?” Fortunately for us, that exact same day, on Tuesday, that opportunity opened up.

FRIDAY: Timings and people are set. Now all that’s needed is a location and how to get there.

SATURDAY: All is planned. We have confirmed with the VP of Berkeley College Republicans that the meeting is set. On Sunday – today – UC Berkeley, be ready.

Our Free Write will document the entire trip and will be posting updates, as well as regular articles on the same day. Follow us as we go on our trip on Twitter @ourfreewrite


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